GRADventures 2017

Large Workshops

September 2 • 1-4pm • Thea Koerner House
September 6 • 1:30-4pm • Thea Koerner House

These workshops will delve deeper into topics relevant to graduate students.

September 2 – Orientation Day

Health and Dental  • 1pm and 2pm • Penthouse • 30 mins
Presented by StudentCare

Did you know your health plan covers ambulance fees, 100% of vaccinations up to $150, AND travel insurance? Or that you can add spouses and dependents for an extra fee? Learn what you are covered for and how to maximize the plan to keep $$ in YOUR pocket.

Working on Campus • 1pm and 2pm • Thea’s Lounge • approx. 50 mins
Presented by the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers

We could all use a little extra cash to pay for school or fun on the weekends. Come learn about the offices and departments that hire students and the benefits of working on campus while enhancing your resume at the same time.

Successful Off-Campus Living – Know Your Rights and Don’t Get Scammed! • 3pm • Thea’s Lounge • 50 mins
Presented by the Tenant Resource Advisory Centre of BC

Living off campus can be a challenge for any students. Leases, utilities, ordinances, transportation… these issues and more simply add to what can already be a stressful academic transition! Learn what your rights are as a tenant and keep money in your pocket by avoiding potential scams.

September 6

Tellin’ It Like It Is – Graduate Student Panel • 1:30-2:45pm • Penthouse • 60 mins

There is no one better to ask your questions about grad school than to current graduate students! We will take submitted questions from the audience for a customized panel experience. Our panel includes both Masters and Ph.D. students from varied disciplines.

Time Management • 3-4pm • Thea’s Lounge • 60 mins
Presented by UBC Student Wellness Outreach

Many students have to balance a variety of commitments outside their studies, which may include a job or career, children and family, hobbies and personal life. And everyone has different amounts that they can balance while still being mentally well. This workshop helps you identify where they currently spend their time, and how you’d like their time to be better managed. You will earn effective time management strategies that you can personalize to fit their values, priorities, and lifestyle in order to reduce stress and achieve success.

Attend this workshop and get $2 off at the Sundae Social that immediately follows.

How to Help a Friend: Assisting a Student in Distress • 3-4pm • Penthouse • 60 mins
Presented by UBC Student Wellness Outreach

This session will focus on how to support a peer in distress, providing a framework for navigating a conversation with a peer in need of support. Students will learn how to help their friends and peers reduce distress and skills to encourage them to access support and resources. This workshop will also discuss the importance of setting personal boundaries, practicing self-care when supporting someone in distress, and where student leaders can debrief and access support for themselves.

Attend this workshop and get $2 off at the Sundae Social that immediately follows.

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