GRADventures 2017

Mini Workshops

September 2 • 11am-12pm • Thea Koerner House

Set the foundation for your graduate student experience with these 15-minute sessions at Orientation Day on several topics relevant to graduate student life. The workshops will be held concurrently at 11am, 11:20am and 11:40am.

Safety on an Urban Campus • Thea’s Lounge
Presented by SafeWalk

Welcome to UBC Vancouver! Did you know our campus is more than 400 hectares in size? You are going to end up walking (or biking!) across that A LOT. Learn to navigate our campus safely during your studies whether it’s daylight or after dark and how to take advantage of amenities offered by UBC.

Cycle Commuting • Penthouse
Presented by Bike Kitchen

Don’t have a car or need to know how to get around the city? Vancouver is a bike-friendly city! Learning more about cycle commuting in our city and the best ways of getting around Vancouver.

Enhance your Resume Through Grad Experience • Leon’s Lounge 
Presented by UBC Student Leadership Conference

What you do outside of the lab or classroom may directly influence your hiring potential post graduation. Join us as we discuss opportunities and reasons to enhance your resume with meaningful graduate experience!

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